People like you and I need a good process to follow to get the success we desire in any endeavor. Here you will find a good foundation to build on for years to come.

Here are the "12 Rules For Success of a Four-Percenter"...

1. Have a clear vision of the future you want to create.

2. Never complain about anything you can’t or are unwilling to change.

3. Learn something new every day that will help you grow personally and professionally.

4. Break a sweat every day through physical exercise. Emotion is created by motion.

5. Give away that what you want to get more of.

6. Don’t be cheap on your journey to greatness.

7. Simplify everything. There’s great power in simplicity.

8. Don’t settle for good enough - commit to excellence in everything you do.

9. Don’t be busy - be efficient, effective, and productive.

10. Take responsibility for everything. You’re always in control.

11. Lead by example. Never ask or expect anyone to do anything you are not willing to do yourself.

12. Remember - you need self-discipline to achieve your vision.

(There are videos for each point that you can access by creating a Free account HERE.)

Four Percent offers awesome training for building an online business the right way. We don't just build funnels, we build hubs. The hubs are our home on the internet and they house the funnels for every project or opportunities we share.

Because they are all tied to one site they are also more favored by Google and other search engines. Google favors brands much more than fly by night companies. It is more important than ever to build an online hub.

You may be thinking... "I don't know how to do that."

I've got good news for you! I didn't either... but it's never been easier.

I have used many different tools to build sites online and the one I'm using now is the easiest and has the best support.

This tool is not just for beginners. It's for experts as well.

To learn more about building an online hub with the tool we use Click Here.

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