My Story..

Hi there, my name is Jared Terpstra.

In 2011 I felt the strong desire to figure out how to become more in life, to not just let life take me where it would.... to transcend the average lifestyle. I decided to grab the wheel and steer. After a few years I found myself learning about how to make money online and Transcend Average LLC was born. It was just a concept at that point and I didn't start making money right away. Not by a long shot...


Something inside me told me to pursue it even though nobody else could see it.

In fact.. it was just these past 2 years that something really started to happen with something I really wanted to be a part of! I tried a lot of things and I learned from all of them.

Lots of good and some were downright depressing or stressful!

The ups and downs I experienced were what most online entrepreneurs tend to go through. I don't know what it is... but it seems like a pre-requisite to success.

Just know... all of the struggle is worth it. It makes victory that much sweeter!

I decided to grab the wheel and steer


So What About You?

One of my favorite all time

personal development mentors is a man by the name Jim Rohn. He's a large part of the reason I'm where I am today. I am so grateful for people like him who speak to lift others. He has since passed but he left a legacy that many are inspired by! He's the one who taught me life was up to me and not by chance. Are you willing to 'grab life by the horns' and change you and your family's future in a big, positive way?

For things to change for you, you have to change.

Otherwise it isn't going to change

– Jim Rohn

MY Belief Is This..

The fact you're here is no accident!

I have a Free, life changing resource... and if you've read this far, I know you need it.

If I could have found something like this right away, it would have saved me a boat load of time, money and pain! Take advantage and give it a shot!

I'm also here to help you in any way I can.

Meet One Of My Mentors...

Vick, is a great mentor in the online marketing space!

There are lots of people that teach one kind of way to make money online... and they can work, but this guy takes a different approach and shows you the whole pie instead of just a piece or two.

Vick teaches us how to build systems that revolve around a hub- your own personal home on the internet (like this one). It's more than just a funnel, although we definitely use them. The strategies he teaches us to build are evergreen and here to stay.

Until I started learning from Vick, I was just trying to make some money online the easiest way possible. I now feel fortunate to cross paths with him so I could start to learn to build what I was always meant to.

If you want to get started building an online business the right way, click the button below.