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Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hi there and welcome! My name is Jared Terpstra. In this picture you can see me chasing my beautiful wife in the red dress.

It actually reminds me much of my online entrepreneurial journey... I have been at it since 2015 and and the more work you put into the relationship, the better it gets.

I have been down many paths since my start in 2015 and have figured out what works and definitely many things that do not work!

If you're looking to earn a living online or grow personally, join me and save yourself some time, money, and stress! We have the absolute best resources right here.

Meet My Mentor


Vick, to me... is my favorite mentor I have ever come across in the online space!

There are lots of people that teach one kind of way to make money online... and they can work, but this guy takes a different approach and shows you the whole pie instead of just a piece or two.

Vick teaches us how to build systems that revolve around a hub- your own personal home on the internet. It's more than just a funnel (although we definitely use them). The strategies he teaches us to build are evergreen and here to stay.

Until I started learning from Vick, I was just trying to make some money online the easiest way possible. I now feel fortunate to cross paths with him so I could start to learn to build what I was always meant to.

If you want to get started building an online business the right way, click the button below.

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